The Bee’s Tea Garden

Planting for the bees and hummingbirds has begun early this year. We didn’t really have a winter this last year. It has given all the agardners to get ahead of things this Spring. In my back yard I have created a haven for the bees, hummingbirds and small birds. They love our choices of plants. Monarda is the best and so colorful. We call it bee balm.Bergamot for Earl Grey Tea. Bright reds, purples and hot pinks. We have butterfly bushes in several places.They have blooms similiar to lilacs and are purple also.nature healed

We are working on creating the perfect spot for family, dogs and bird life. Lots of pollinators for plants arrive daily in the backyard looking for food. I have food out for the birds, organic, no fluff great bird seed.  We have a hummingbird feeder till we have the flowers blooming for all to use.. The bird baths I put out will be used by bees and bugs and birds and frogs and so much more. At night the frogs turn on their voices, in ranges from high notes to the low baratone.

The hummingbirds can take a bath in the sprinkler in the yard by sitting on the fence, flapping their tiny wings, enjoying life. I took a video of one during Summer, bathing. So mesmerizing. We am enjoying sitting on the back porch,  watching all the tiny wildlife come and go in The Bee’s Tea Garden, in a backyard near you, in a city in Oregon. Chow…